Ellie Portuguese Water Dog


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Birthday: 6-14-23
Available: 8-9-23
Gender: Female
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Hello I am Ellie I am an adorable Portuguese Water Dog puppy enjoying my life with the millers, there kids give me loads of attention every day ensuring I am a happy confident puppy. I love playing in the yard and after I am done I love relaxing in the shade or cuddling up on there lap. I am one of the bigger pups in the litter and also a confident gal, I love new adventures. I am hypoallergenic making me a great companion for anyone even those with allergies. I also love water I have webbed feet making me a great swimmer someday. My parents are registered with akc and have been genetic tested ensuring you will get a healthy puppy for years to enjoy. Mom lola, is such a sweet caring momma. Dad stormy is a handsome stocky outgoing guy If you can provide a loving home for me please contact the millers to schedule a play date with me, or if that isn’t possible I can also be delivered to your door via a local pet delivery company.



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